Horse Stables

Horse Stables

Horse StablesHorse StablesHorse Stables

Horse Boarding - Stable Barn Amenities


Our horse stable has a high pitched  roof with 2 exhaust fans above the aisle way. All of the stalls all have  good ventilation. Each stall has automatic water dispensers and a  corner feeder for hay and feed. The floors are packed sand covered with  high cushioned rubber matting and top quality wood shavings. The front  of each stall is constructed of wood and metal bars which make it easy  for us to check-in on them as we go about our day, and they seem to  enjoy keeping tabs on us as well. Our barn is equipped with a fly spray  system that uses animal safe insecticides that are safe for your horses  and safely keep the flies away.


Inside the horse barn across from the  tack room we have cross ties for grooming, saddling, farrier and vet  care. Also, available just outside the barn are 2 wash racks, two tack  rooms and a clean bathroom available for client use. We provide saddle  racks, peg boards labeled by stall number and dry erase boards in the  tack room to keep everyone up-to-date on individual horse needs.

 We have a 200' x 200' lighted outdoor  sand based arena, a 60' round pen lunging arena, 6 fenced pastures and  there are 1000 acres near by for trail riding. There are ground poles,  cavalettis, barrels and jumps available for client use in the arena.


We offer Full-Board Monthly
12' x 12" stalls with pasture turn-out           $500